Fast, safe and green

The road transport of people and goods is by far the largest part of the mobility system in Europe and many jobs are directly involved. However, each year it involves huge costs in terms of congestion, fatalities and pollution. SOCRATES2.0 is a System of Coordinated Roadside and Automotive Services for Traffic Efficiency and Safety based on a cooperation of road authorities, service providers and car manufacturers. It is meant to improve traffic by promoting cleaner, efficient and safe flows.

Developing the standards for the future of road mobility

SOCRATES2.0 promotes a continuous deployment of European-wide traffic management measures and services. It designs, deploys and evaluates new and extended traffic management measures and mobile/in-car services for road users. And it evaluates the feasibility and the usefulness for future large scale implementations of interactive traffic management. The large scale introduction of self-driving cars is a tangible example.

Unique public-private cooperation

SOCRATES2.0 is also a cooperation framework - at a strategic, tactical and operational level - for interactive traffic management among road authorities, service providers and car manufacturers.

WIN-WIN situation

Road users will directly benefit from the new traffic management measures and services through better routes, lane and speed choices and integrated and real-time information. The general public will benefit from improved safety and reduce pollution.

Service providers and the automotive industry can provide new and better services to their customers. And it creates new business opportunities like new markets and services.

Road authorities/traffic centres have improved monitoring options (FCD, origin-destination info, common operational picture) and can take better traffic management measures. They can exchange data with in-car traffic management services via service providers and car industries. And it will provide opportunities for cost reductions.


Project set up

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